Sao Tome Island

If you are looking for a relaxed get away on a calm tropical climate this is the place for you. The island is still quite undiscovered, making it for a perfect time out from society, noise and stress. Life in Sao Tome takes on a leve leve speed, allowing you time to re-connect with yourself.

With glorious warm waters, thick heavy rainforest, lots of heat and blissful silence, Sao Tome is bound to re charge you with positivity and mindfulness.

Must see/do activities

Snorkeling at Santana islet. Gorgeous cave to swim in, reachable by kayak or boat.

Claudio Corallo chocolate presentation and tasting. Don’t miss this one out!

Waterfall hunting through dense, pre-historic tropical forest. Real adventure!

We know where to go! Unique and off the beaten track, discover the undiscovered island of Sao Tome.

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